We manufacture innovative consumer technology for global brands 

We simplify manufacturing for our customers. Our manufacturing team can manage every step of your production for you

Managing the manufacturing of products can become an overwhelming task. When in need of finding the best factory to work with, directing the supply chains and overseeing quality control to the high standards you expect, Lyte can help. With years of experience working as a manufacturing solutions provider, we have an extensive understanding of how to adequately assist, consult and completely manage the manufacturing process from start to finish.


We can help you understand your manufacturing options and give guidance throughout the complex process of getting your product manufactured. Our technical and management teams offer a complete hands-on support system, with teams based in the UK and Asia, we work closely to correctly set up the manufacturing and every production of your products.

Production Management

From assembly set up, supply chain delivery, production and inspections, we manage the entire manufacturing process while keeping you up-to-date every step of the way. Our technical team in the UK and our English speaking team in Asia are here to answer every question, keeping the manufacturing process smooth and transparent.

We ensure your products are manufactured to the highest quality for every production

It is imperative to have a good working relationship with your manufacturer and suppliers. We can manage this relationship for you and ensure you have a presence at the factory when your products are being manufactured. We only work with factories that are fully compliant and have the appropriate certification to ensure you that they maintain high quality working conditions and social compliance at all times.

Quality Control

Quality control and management is always a worry for any company who are manufacturing products in another country. We build quality management plans to ensure you receive high-quality products every time. We help you build your production processes and we supply both in-house and third-party inspection services to ensure that the product you sign off, is the product you receive. Our on-site inspector will constantly monitor the production, confirm schedules, supervise the factory’s internal quality control and send a detailed report to you every day if required.

Need to arrange a factory inspection? We can do this for you. Inspections>

We can manage every step for you...

With years of experience working as manufacturing solutions provider we can assist, consult or completely manage the manufacturing of your products from start to finish.

Manufacturing Consultation

We can help you understand your manufacturing options and use our experience to help guide you


Manufacturing is what we do best. Our team can handle the manufacturing process for you and take the stress away.

Quality Control

We can manage the entire manufacturing process for you and keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

Product Sourcing

We can help you find the right products and the best factories with the experience to manufacture your products.

Product Compliance

We work with leading independent laboratories to ensure your product is fully compliant before manufacturing.

Supplier Chain Management

We can help reduce risks by creating a secure back-up supply chain to eliminate lead-time failures and damage to your products.