About us

Lyte is a well-established design and manufacturing solutions provider, specialising in consumer technology, accessories and packaging.

We create retail-ready products for an array of customers. We understand the savviness of today’s consumers and we are geared to offer unique newness and innovation.

Lyte has three main internal divisions that work with customers and brands worldwide from various sectors including lifestyle, outdoor, sport & leisure, automotive and workforce.

Our teams are experienced and dynamic people united by a passion for innovative products. We have developed a global presence by working consistently to evolve technology and develop cutting-edge consumer products through various brands and partners.

What do we do?

We can assist, consult or completely manage the manufacturing of your consumer products from start to finish.

With a high level of experience in both product design and OEM manufacturing, we have the knowledge and ability to manage multiple projects from concept development through to manufacturing, at speed and with precision.

We meticulously manage every process throughout our manufacturing to assure our high-quality standards are met during production every time. All of our production facilities have BCSI in place to ensure the factories are consistently maintained to a high standard.

We supply products across the globe and work with laboratories to ensure every product passes the required certification to be compliant and sell in multiple countries.

We manufacture and hold stock in our four main hubs, UK, USA, South Africa, and Asia, enabling us to feed our local distribution partners with speed.

Direct Manufacturing

Lyte also designs, develops, manufactures and distributes consumer technology and consumer chemical goods for its brands, white-label and brand licensing customers.

Who and what is important to us?

Sustainable practice

Lyte pursues sustainable manufacturing with the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing also promotes employee, community and product safety.

Lyte plays a large role in building a better sustainable future. With rising competition worldwide, innovation remains crucial in finding new ways for all industries to engage in sustainability efforts to satisfy increasing demand and environmentally conscious consumers.

We take the challenge of sustainability seriously, not only to reduce our environmental footprint but also to improve that of our customers.

Sustainability partnerships

To stimulate innovation, Lyte aims to establish a responsible culture among companies and the public. We partner with governments, investors, local communities and nongovernment organisations to address social and environmental problems.