What is Project 7?

We fill consumer liquids in sustainable packaging, delivering a dynamic service that enables our customers to respond to the demands of a fast-paced market.

We aim to establish a responsible culture among companies by stimulating innovation and promoting the use of flexible packaging.

“We are your liquid filling partner”

Our service

Packaged in flexible, spouted stand-up pouches ranging in sizes from 500ml to 5L. Our innovative filling plant services for a wide range of sectors including domestic & industrial hygiene, building, automotive, lubricants and garden maintenance.

We work with you to deliver a new environmental solution for your brand and customers to meet the demand of evolving consumer and new buying habits.

“Spouted stand-up pouches maximise packaging appeal & functionality and facilitate consumption on the go.”

Our vision is sustainability

We aim to lead the way in more environmentally friendly liquid packaging.

Flexible packaging uses up to 85% less plastic than a traditional rigid bottle. Less material used also results in less packaging waste, up to 95% less waste.

“We make it easier for our customers to opt for responsible packaging”