We create high-quality and sustainable packaging to give your products the edge

Packaging is not only to catch the eye of your customer but an extension of your brand. What do you want your packaging to say about your brand?

Packaging is more than simply about protecting your products – it can also identify your brand and create a point of difference to the customer and significantly impact your sales and revenue. Especially today, your packaging choices can expose brand values and investment in environmental sustainability. Due to innovation and improved options, brands have a choice to take responsibility in the materials they choose and ensure packagings can be 100% recycled to help create for a more sustainable future.

Lyte manufactures thousands of packaging every month. Our experience can help your brand achieve unique high-quality packaging to create a point of difference for your brand. We also understand that customer experience with your brand or store likely begins online and through shipping, delivery and the unboxing experience, E-commerce has taken shopping to a new level — what do your shipping cartons say about your company? 

Packaging Design & Consultancy

We can help you understand your design and manufacturing options for your packaging, using our experience, we can help guide you through the process of designing your packaging ready for manufacturing. 

Consumer Packaging

Your product packaging is an extension of your product and represents your brand and this is why it should not be overlooked as it can help to increase sales and create a point-of-difference to your potential customers. Not only should your packaging look good, but it should also provide the best protection against possible damage when being handled, stocked, hung in-store and during shipment. 

E-Commerce Shipping Solutions

The E-commerce industry has given rise to the unboxing experience, your first customer experience can sometimes start with your packaging and shipping solution. From the moment your package starts its journey to its destination, it has the opportunity to market your brand or store along the way. We can design your shipping boxes/cartons to represent your brand appropriately and sustainably. We can offer a wide range of options from easy-to-open packages to branded boxes that can be recycled without hassle.


We understand the importance of having commercially viable costs but we also want to encourage you to package your products to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. Lyte plays a large role in building a better sustainable future by supplying sustainable packaging. With rising competition worldwide, innovation remains crucial in finding new ways for all industries to satisfy the increasing demand from environmentally conscious consumers.

We can manage every step for you...

With years of experience working as a manufacturing solutions provider, we can assist, consult or completely manage the manufacturing of your packaging from start to finish.

Packaging Design

We provide full packaging design consultation and design packaging that is ready for manufacturing.

Packaging Manufacturing

We offer high quality and reliable packaging manufacturing for every order. We know what is required to deliver packaging on time and with quality.

Manufacturing Management

We can manage the entire manufacturing process for you and keep you up-to-date every step of the way.