We create consumable chemical technology and package it sustainably for a better future

We provide chemical innovation and manufacturing for our clients and package all of our products sustainably

We can manufacture and supply all of your consumer chemical needs and can assist with the design and development of your product, whilst working to deliver a new environmental solution for your brand and customers.

By supplying the market with consumer chemical products that interact with people, we play a large role in helping to build a more sustainable future. Awareness and competition is rising worldwide, which means innovation remains crucial to find new ways for industries to satisfy the demand and for a more environmentally conscious product and consumer.

Chemical Consultancy

We can help you understand your manufacturing options and give guidance throughout the complex process of getting your product manufactured. Our technical and management teams offer a complete hands-on support system.

Chemical Manufacturing

Working closely with our chemical facility to set up the blending/production of your product correctly, we can help you understand your manufacturing options and use our experience to help guide you through the process to get your consumer chemicals manufactured. With a technical and management team based in the UK, we can offer hands-on support throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Management

Whilst keeping you up-to-date at every step from setup, supply chain delivery, production and inspections, we can manage the entire chemical manufacturing process for you. Our UK technical team keep our partners fully updated throughout the manufacturing process.

Sustainable Packaging Consultancy

Packaging should be designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and we consult with and encourage our partners to do the same. As a packaging manufacturer, we are aware of its impact and the rising awareness and concern of waste from packaging materials so we do the best we can to minimise this contribution. With innovation happening constantly, we are always looking at new methods to make our packaging sustainable as possible and minimise the use of plastics.

Consumer Chemical Packaging

The packaging is an extension of your product and brand and so this is why it should never be overlooked as it can single-handily increase sales and create a point-of-difference to your potential customers.

To stimulate innovation, Lyte aims to establish a responsible culture among companies and the public by promoting the use of flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is designed to minimise the use of packaging material in using up to 70% less plastic in comparison with other types of packaging. It is also more resource efficient while serving the same purpose by consuming less material and energy resources throughout its entire lifecycle.

B2B Packaging

Through just the one single product category, Lyte is saving businesses hundreds of tonnes of plastic each year, helping them reach their environmental sustainability goals. We continue to work with our partners to find more sustainable ways to package and transport their chemical products.

Be Plastic Wise

Be Plastic Wise helps organisations actively achieve maximal reductions in their plastic consumption and waste, without compromising product performance, and helps them to achieve full recyclability. Be Plastic Wise is committed to supporting true circular economy with the ultimate goal being to use zero new resources and 100% waste to create new products, packaging and otherwise.

We can manage every step for you...

With years of experience working as a manufacturing solutions provider, we can assist, consult or completely manage the manufacturing of your products from start to finish.

Chemical Consultancy

With years of experience producing and manufacturing our own consumer chemicals, we can help your ideas go from a concept to a fully manufactured product.

Chemical Manufacturing

We work closely with our chemical facility to set up the blending and production of your product.

Manufacturing Management

We can manage the entire chemical manufacturing process for you while keeping you up-to-date with every step, from setup, supply chain delivery, production and inspections.

Chemical Packaging

We strongly feel all packaging should be designed to be as sustainable as possible. We will work with you to deliver a new environmental solution for your customers.

Be Plastic Wise:

Lyte has partnered with Be Plastic Wise to help organisations actively achieve a maximal reduction in their plastic consumption and waste.