Solar Technology allows you the freedom to truly go off-grid

Solar Technology allows you the freedom to truly go off-grid
04/04/2019 Kelly Olsen

Solar Technology allows you the freedom to truly go off-grid

Spring officially arrived this month and it has us excited for more sunny and warm days ahead…

When preparing for an outdoor adventure in the summer, be equipped with products that are designed to take advantage of the elements around you, especially the unlimited resource of the sun.

Solar power technology in any form is an exciting innovation, and with Bear Grylls, we designed and developed two solar charging products that utilise the clean free energy from the sun while in the outdoors — it just makes sense!

The Bear Grylls 21W Fold-Out Mat is an ultra-thin, lightweight, IP64 dustproof/waterproof solar mat that charges directly to your device from two USB ports. The solar mat is made of extremely robust water-resistant material with four stainless steel eye-holes so you have the option to attach it to your backpack, tent, or anywhere while charging your device. The built-in live ammeter clearly displays the amount of energy being generated — so you can adjust the mat in the sunlight to best optimise your charge.

“This is an awesome piece of kit that harnesses the power of the sun and can easily be strapped to your backpack. A no-fuss way to stay charged up.”  — Bear Grylls

The Bear Grylls 8000mAh Solar Power Bank is a lightweight and compact solar power bank that charges the power bank from the four fold-out solar panels, and your devices while on-the-go. Never run out of power by continuously topping up the power bank to make sure you have power when it’s needed most. The powerful built-in LED light with its Steady SOS-Strobe mode is also a handy addition; to use in an emergency or as a backup torch.

“Being able to use the solar energy of the sun as a natural power source is incredible. A free resource with no limits to keep you charged up.” — Bear Grylls

The Bear Grylls Technology Range is currently available to purchase on Amazon, Currys PC World, Freemans and the Bear Grylls Lyte store. To order a sample, please contact us at info@lyte.uk.

The Bear Grylls Official Online Store will be opening soon — sign up at beargrylls.com to stay updated.

Please send us a message if you have an inquiry at info@lyte.uk, follow us on social media, and find us in our London showroom Unit 2.01, Oxo Tower Wharf.