Be prepared and equipped this Winter with the Bear Grylls Outdoor Tech Product Range

Be prepared and equipped this Winter with the Bear Grylls Outdoor Tech Product Range
30/01/2019 Kelly Olsen

Be prepared and equipped for the outdoors this Winter with the Bear Grylls Outdoor Tech Product Range

Winter and the ski season is well underway and many of us like to get out and enjoy this frostier time of the year. When planning a trip to the alps or on any wintery adventures it’s important to make sure you have equipment that is reliable, durable and designed for the outdoors. The Bear Grylls Tech Range will help you stay equipped and prepared this winter in these more extreme conditions.

Capturing and recording exciting and quiet moments on the mountain is a part of the alpine experience — especially the breathtaking views. Make sure you have a camera that can withstand a few bumps and any moisture from the snow.

The IP8 waterproof Bear Grylls Action Camera and IP6 Waterproof Video Eyewear are excellent outdoor cameras, perfect for outdoor conditions, so you can record and share memories with your family and friends.


In the winter and in the colder temperatures, batteries will drain faster, and particularly the small batteries inside cameras and mobile phones. Making sure you have a power bank that is powerful enough to keep your, multiple, devices charged all day is important to fully enjoy your day and especially in case of an emergency.

The Bear Grylls 10,000mAh Qi Wireless Power Bank and the 20,000mAh USB Type-C Laptop Charging Power Bank are robust, durable and will keep your devices charged, even a MacBook, while you’re on-the-go in the cold!


Each of the Bear Grylls products, both the cameras and power banks, come inside a water-resistant weatherproof carry case and include all the accessories you need, bundled inside. The carry case is also perfect for packing any extras along, keeping everything protected and dry.

The Bear Grylls Waterproof Pouch another great product to have when heading outdoors. This phone pouch will keep your phone safely sealed and dry, with the double internal seal, and the transparent material lets you keep using it while inside the pouch.


Products are currently available to purchase on Amazon, Currys PC World, Freemans and the Bear Grylls Lyte store. The Bear Grylls Technology range features products starting from £29.99 for the Bear Grylls 3,000mAh Power Bank to £149.99 for the Bear Grylls Waterproof Video Eyewear.

All products priced at £50 or more also currently include a two for one entry voucher to The Bear Grylls Adventure attraction in Birmingham, which opened in September 2018.

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